Roller Garage Doors

Supplied and Fitted

Because these doors open and close vertically, you can park your car right up to your door, allowing you to use the maximum length of your driveway.

The doors are also neat and tidy on the inside. There are no tracks suspended from the ceiling. Even the roll, or ‘curtain’, is contained within a sleek barrel casing.

At Ashlock, we appreciate that there’s more to automatic garage doors and garage door openers than reliability, quality and security. We also understand the importance of maintaining the aesthetics of your home

with complementary door colours that enhance its appearance and contribute to its value.

That’s why quality automatic garage doors offer a wide choice through a palette of popular colours to suit every taste. From classic white or black, through to a range of subtle and sophisticated shades of beige, every colour is designed to be pleasing on the eye and to co-ordinate with the exterior trim of your home.