Mini Insulated Roller Doors

All the benefits of ThermaRoll, only smaller!

Key Benefits

of Ashlock Door Systems Mini Insulated Roller Doors

Space Saving Design

All the benefits of the ThermaRoll in a space saving design – Only 205mm is required for the door to roll into and all powered by a remote control Somfy motor.

The Ultimate, Limited Headroom, Roller Garage Door

The mini utilises an insulated aluminium slat that is significantly narrower than those featured in the ThermaRoll range. This allows a smaller, tighter coil requiring just 8” (205mm) of headroom, giving owners of even the smallest garages the option of a high quality remote controlled garage door. Extremely versatile, the mini can be fitted in-front of or behind the garage opening, or even (height permitting) within the garage opening itself.

Unrivalled Choice

An extensive range of sizes also means openings of up to 2880mm wide can be accommodated, whilst a neat 900 facia half box option to conceal the coil is supplied as standard. There is also a 450 box option to completely enclose the coil.

Colour Options

ThermaRoll mini doors are available in 9 standard colour finishes and 3 textured woodgrain foil finishes that are low maintenance with durability.

Safety - Rollsafe Technology

Each door, like the ThermaRoll, is supplied with a Rollsafe intelligent control board with built in courtesy light, choice of 2 high quality hand transmitters, wired or wireless optical safety edge and an internal manual override.

Safety Inherent at Every Stage of Design

As your garage door is possibly the largest moving object within your house, it is imperative that this aspect of your home is ultimately safe.

At Ashlock Door Systems we take our responsibilities seriously and understand that as a responsible company we have a duty of care to you, the end user.


Each door is CE marked and fully compliant with the stringent EN 13241-1 European Safety Standards.


Multiple spring assembly on each door ensures protection in the event of spring failure providing additional reassurance. Springs are calculated to exceed 20,000 cycles.


End covers are provided to protect the lock bar holes and negate the risk of finger entrapment.


Highly pick resistant steel lock barrel mechanisms are provided as standard on each Ashlock Mini Insulated Roller Doors.

Available Colours


Anthracite Grey


Navy Blue




Light Grey






Fir Green




Light Beige

The following colours are available at an extra cost.


Golden Oak Foil


Rosewood Foil


Mahogony Foil

How It Works

Safe, Reliable, Effortless and Secure

1) Econom & Somfy Motors

5 year warranty on all ThermaRoll tubular motors.

2) Manual Override

Every ThermaRoll door comes supplied with a simple manual override crank, ensuring you will never be accidentally locked in your garage – even in a power cut.

3) RollSafe 868 Cutting Edge Technology

High quality wired and wireless solution for automating your garage door. Each receiver unit comes with convenient courtesy light, 2 high quality hand transmitters and compliant safety edge system as standard.

4) Safety Sensing

Every door has a safety sensor built into the bottom weatherstrip that stops and reverses the door a short distance on detecting an obstruction.

5) Maximum Weather Protection

ThermaRoll is engineered to help block cold draughts and keep your garage warm and usable with guide rails that are lined with a dense brush strip and a shaped rubber seal on the bottom slat.

6) ThermaRoll Box Options

ThermaRoll can be ordered with either full, half or no box options. ThermaRoll mini comes with a half box as standard and full box option.

7) Space Saving

The door curtain rolls tightly above the opening without the door or tracks projecting inside your garage leaving more storage space in the garage for you.

8) Proven Durability

The ThermaRoll curtain is held in place with the robust 89mm axel and steel reinforced autolock system, ensuring excellent performance and security.

Product Image

ThermaRoll doors are supplied as standard with Rollsafe 868 technology providing a high quality and reliable solution to automating your garage door. Its unique design delivers exceptional performance that is not only safe and secure but also backed up with a comprehensive 5 year warranty.